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OPM I-Play Mo

Tanduay<br>OPM I-Play Mo

Category: Radio Events Production & Management

Tanduay wanted to promote and jumpstart a movement to encourage Filipinos to be excited and support OPM music again. Through a strategic partnership with Tiger 22, we created a campaign to revive OPM music via segment roadblock across all stations nationwide!

Station Partners

Magic Nationwide
99.5 Play FM
Wave 89.1
Jam 88.3
K-Lite 103.5


On-Air Campaign

Created a sustainable property for Tanduay in Tiger 22 stations nationwide via a 15 minute branded content segment during peak listening hours and is solely dedicated to OPM.

The program was supported with DJ Spiels, On-Air Segment Hosting, and Live Updates of the concert.

On-Ground and Online Promotion

Massive on-ground support via live updates and DJ endorsements on the Tanduary Rhum Rockfest event!