• Traditional Radio Buys

    Traditional Radio Buys

    Placement of radio materials that help create awareness
    for advertising campaigns on the radio airwaves.

  • Creative Radio Buys

    Creative Radio Buys

    Development, implementation and integration of various
    creative radio on-air executions that go beyond traditional
    radio advertising platforms.

  • Radio Events Production and Management

    Radio Events Production and Management

    Development and execution of radio-based events and on-ground
    activations that help drive engagement for advertising campaigns

  • Digital Advertising

    Digital Advertising

    Advertising through various digital platforms such as
    the radio stations’ websites and social media pages

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Tiger 22’s exclusive radio stations houses the biggest names
    and voices on radio and advertisers can take advantage of the
    strong base of followers of our radio DJs